Writers Who Read

I’m both a writer and a huge book nerd, and I loved bringing these two interests together through Writers Who Read, a series of writer interviews particularly focused on books and reading that I did summer 2014-spring 2016.Writers Who Read

I interviewed writers–of all stripes, at all stages of their writing journeys–by sending them ten questions focused on their reading lives. Questions like, Which book or series was your gateway into the world of reading? and What is your book kryptonite?

The goals of Writers Who Read:

  • to provide an opportunity for authors to talk a little about what they write and a lot about what they read
  • to help readers (and reader-writers) discover new authors and books
  • to celebrate our shared love of books
  • to allow me to connect with and support other authors–something I discovered I loved to do!

**This series is currently on hiatus due to time constraints. I may resurrect it in the future, but if you’d still like to look around (which you should; there are some great authors featured here!), you can check out the interviews I’ve done in your favorite genre(s):

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