Ten Best Search Terms in 2015

heartsunIs there anything weirder and more wonderful than the stuff people type into their search bars? If random search terms are a measure of a blog’s success, this little site had a very good 2015. In no particular order, here are my ten favorite searches that brought people here.

1. “movies on netflix with a lot of romantic fainting”: Guys, this is a legit SWOON SEARCH.

2. “how heavy are ice castles”: Because science. (And #sorrynotsorry you had to read about the movie instead.)

3. “corporate creativity bullshit”: Bad day at the office, Mary?

4. “erotic ghostbusters”: It warms my heart to know I’ve got kindred spirits out there.

5. “manual for herless 1987 latte”: I can’t even begin to unpack this.

6. “frenchlover 2015”: Because the 2014 model just wasn’t cutting it.

7. “valerie”: Oh, Valerie. I’m sorry your ex found my site while cyberstalking you. I hope he enjoyed my book nerdery and also bought one of my books.

8. “www,hotangrysex.com”: For the person who’s too hot and angry to punctuate their urls correctly.

9. “free stories hardcore sex horror disturbing evil”: That’s a lot of info. A LOT. Some may say too much.

10. “spoil rich boy forced married to poor sweet girl love lust story”: This is about 81,000 stories in one. And I would like to read them all.

Happy New Year!



  1. Eva Miller says:

    This list (and your comments) made me literally LOL.

    1. GGAndrew says:

      Glad you enjoyed. Some of these terms made me LOL, too.

  2. madeline iva says:

    Best. Post. Evaaaaah!

    1. GGAndrew says:

      Ha! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Jen says:

    Haha!! I’m snort-laughing through this. Too fun!

    1. GGAndrew says:

      Snort-laughing is the best 🙂

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