I’m thrilled to announce my novel GRAFFITI IN LOVE is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. What’s more, I’m offering the book at a special preorder price of .99 before it releases on Feb. 11th. (The regular price will be $2.99, so it’ll save you a nice chunk of change.) G.G. Andrew

What’s it about?

KaveMan is a London graffiti artist–world famous, wealthy, brilliantly creative. And Laurel Xavier hates him.

Laurel, a laid-off city planner, is bitter from compromising her dreams and still losing her sensible job. So when she gets a glimpse of the mysterious KaveMan, whose dream is apparently painting others’ property in her hometown of New Haven, she’s determined to find him, unmask him, and ruin his so-called career–even if it means losing some shoes and self-respect in the process.

But why does chasing KaveMan make her feel more alive than she’s felt in years?

KaveMan isn’t used to sharing his real self, let alone his real name. But when he’s caught by Laurel Xavier, he starts to realize the one woman he yearns to whisper his secrets to is someone who would scream his identity from the highest rooftop. That would mean the end of his work, his passion. It can’t ever happen.

Unfortunately, he bloody well can’t seem to stay away from her.

Want to learn more? Go here to read an excerpt of the first few pages of the novel, to see if it’s your thing…

…or just check it out at one of these fine stores:
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  1. Love the cover!!

    1. GGAndrew says:

      Thank you! I dug the playfulness of the pose.

  2. Bryn Donovan says:

    I pre-ordered this — can’t wait!

    Hey, I nominated you for a thing! IF you have time, it’s fun — if you don’t, no worries at all 🙂

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